Praise for JSEAs


By: The Pipeline

Danos employees are trained to think through every detail when creating a JSEA. Recently, a couple of safety representatives went out of their way to pass on their appreciation for two above -average Danos JSEAs.

A Gulfport Production EHS Specialist recently commended Danos Electricians Blaise Clark and Keith Sanders. He said, “You both thoroughly explained what today’s scope of work entailed. They had their JSA filled out legibly and correctly and was sitting in open view for review when I walked over to their vehicle. There were ZERO deficiencies noted. Great job, Danos!”

A safety representative recently walked up to Coatings Foreman Eric Bergman’s office to commend him and his crew on their JSEA. He told Eric “the Danos coatings crew had the best JSEA out of all the groups working out here. It is very detailed about potential hazards and hazard mitigation. It is very straightforward and easy to understand. I just wanted to come up here and tell you that in person.”

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