Proactive Maintenance


By: Matt Kelso

Offshore Logistics Coordinator Mark Arceneaux was named the SEC employee of the month by Danos Production Services group. While doing a daily walk around his drilling rig, Mark observed three pieces of equipment that did not have drain plugs placed on the drip pans. Mark took a Bias to Action and replaced all three to mitigate any potential loss of containment and any possible safety issues this could have created. Shortly after Mark reported out, BSEE made a surprise visit to the asset, and the second item they checked on the asset was drip pans. Had Mark not taken a Bias to Action moments earlier, these could have been multiple incidents of non-compliance. This was discussed at the next morning tower meeting where Mark was commended by the superintendent. Great job taking ownership and going above and beyond your scope of work Mark.

Matt Kelso

Matt is a senior account manager in the Production Services Division. He came to work for Danos in 2013 as an operations assistant and was promoted to account manager in 2014. Matt graduated from Nicholls State University in 1998.


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