Producing Confidence in the Gulf of Guinea


By: Jackie Colston

alen platform - equatorial guinea

Team Danos is an integral part of Noble Energy’s Alen Platform in Equatorial Guinea and knows nothing less than producing confidence. With an unprecedented safety track record of 431 days without a LTA, 202 days without a first aid case and 861 days without an environmental impact, it is only the surface of what the Danos team achieves on a daily basis at this facility while constantly facing challenges.


With the Alen’s initial production in July 31, 2013, it became one of few offshore production facilities that have a unique process in which a conventional production platform is coupled with gas refining within the process. Operating three dry tree wells, producing 32,000 bcpd and 440mmscfd of gas, and then reinjected most of this gas into three subsea wells (for future phases of the project), demonstrates the necessity of having a team of individuals that are disciplined to their craft as they are driven to get the job done. Team Danos does just that to ensure the customer maximizes its uptime while minimizing downtime.


Through intricate production operations, Team Danos faces constant process challenges that allow the experiences and knowledge from well-assembled individuals to collaborate and find the most viable solutions that capitalize production. One instance is that of the Flash Gas Compressors on the facility. Discouraging sustainability and under performance of these machines were repeatedly causing daily production losses. Without having to perform a costly $1M overhaul of the units, the customer encouraged the team to find avenues of operating the machines to continue production. With the task clearly given, the team worked diligently using multiple operating parameters that proved to be successful. With the notion of, “the machines are incapable of sustainability” the Flash Gas Compressors began having significant run time without downtime which contributed to record-breaking production not only once but three consecutive days in a row. This achievement was a direct product of a maintenance and operations team working in unison for a common purpose, which Danos encourages its personnel to exercise on a daily basis.

the team

With a team that stretches from all parts of the globe: Philippines, California, Spain, Louisiana, Texas and Alabama… each individual conveys their own measure of proficiency to the project that allows others in the group to build character, knowledge and a bond that constantly grows. There’s no doubt that these guys are not only colleagues but also family thus creating such an atmosphere that all aspects of the job are enjoyable. While being over 6,000 miles away from family, the crew has an undeniable sense of brotherhood that makes the distance from family seem not so far at all.

the danos difference

Danos has built a reputation of being committed to empowering its employees to make a difference in every facet of the job. A company dedicated as Danos to this standard can only succeed in today’s volatile market with the one simple truth…When you take care of your people, your people will take care of you. Each day the Alen Team embraces the core values of Danos, which is clearly reciprocated in the numbers that the team has accumulated from the start of the project. Having such an impact in the overseas market, the Alen successes are only a prelude to what Danos has envisioned for future opportunities across the globe.

Jackie ColstonJackie Colston is a lead control room operator working on the Noble Alen Platform in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Jackie has been in the industry for over 18 years. He began working with Danos in the Gulf of Guinea in 2013.


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