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Project Excellence


By: Kenny Haas

The 2019 strategic initiative of Project Excellence is a characteristic of every successful business. However, the concept of Project Excellence can have many meanings. Which of the following outcomes are required to grade the execution of a project as excellent?

  • Meet profitability expectations
  • No safety incidents
  • No harm to the environment
  • Exceed customer reporting and communication expectations
  • Maintain scheduled progress and meet all milestone

You can see where this is going. There is no limit to the number of things that must go well to execute the perfect project. So, how far below perfect is excellent, and how will we know when we are there? Unfortunately, we may not know. As a contractor, we are continually asked to improve performance, and at times, we are only as good as our last misstep.

Therefore, the concept of Project Excellence has to be viewed as an evergreen process involving all employees. Project Excellence should be a core competency that empowers each employee to promote continuous improvement and maintain our vision of solving big challenges for our customers and community. The 2019 strategic initiative is designed to refocus on this competency.

The Project Excellence team is comprised of four sub-teams. Three sub-teams will concentrate on the life-cycle of a project, including the roles of each supporting service group. Each sub-team is tasked with:

  • Evaluating and optimizing our existing processes within the sub-team’s specific area
  • Documenting the new processes via flow charts, company policies and work instructions
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of each project team member, including supporting service groups
  • Creating training documentation

The three sub-teams and examples of their specific focus areas are:

Estimating to Execution

This begins with the identification of an opportunity through the estimating and proposal preparation process, including contract review and risk assessment, and ends with the transition of the project to the project management/execution team.

Project Support, Controls and Reporting

This covers all processes performed by the supporting service groups such as purchasing, accounts payable, shipping, receiving and logistics. The focus is on operational efficiency, accurate and timely data accumulation and reporting and improved vendor/subcontractor performance.

Execution Optimization

Project Management

This encompasses activity after a project is transferred from the commercial group through invoice payment and final documentation. The sub-team will focus on identifying the roles and responsibilities of the project management team and providing the tools necessary to properly manage a project. Central to this task is improving the customer experience, with a goal of exceeding customer expectations on every project. 

Service Line

This sub-team considers the aspect of human performance and is tasked with creating a library of best practices that, when followed, increase the chances of executing the project properly. Some of the specific areas being addressed are crew consistency, crew makeup, employee retention and leadership training.


The Project Excellence initiative is considering all aspects of project execution and evaluating how to improve the process. The goal is to have an engaged, highly-skilled workforce, who understands its contribution to the success of each and every project and ultimately the success of Danos.

Kenny Haas

Danos General Manager of Projects Kenny Haas joined Danos full-time in January 2017 as an automation project manager and a member of the Shell Maintenance Contract Proposal Preparation Team. Once the Shell contract was awarded, he lead the transition of four Shell assets. Kenny has an automation background and 38 years in the oil and gas industry. He is currently responsible for the construction, coatings, scaffolding, automation, and project manager service lines.


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