Project Excellence Update


By: Kenny Haas

The Project Excellence strategic initiative has made significant progress since the last update. The initiative has also been altered due to major changes in our business, namely the addition of Shamrock and the upcoming conversion to JD Edwards (JDE) as our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Overall, the initiative is 82% complete. Progress of the three sub-initiatives stands at:

  • project support and controls – 92%
  • organizational development and competency – 75%
  • project execution / process optimization – 79%

The current activity is focused on two main areas: JDE implementation and the development of a comprehensive employee training process. The first area entails planning, configuring and preparing to convert from our current AX system to JDE. The project is led by Job Cost Supervisor Jamie Stoot-Robichaux and requires input from every group.

The employee training process is an effort to outline a formal process to onboard inexperienced employees and train them in multiple crafts so that the projects group has capacity to meet sudden upticks in personnel requests. Additionally, the program will allow the employee to track his or her progress and control the pace of advancement. The goal of the program is to lower onboarding cost and reduce turnover while providing a shared resource pool for each service line.

In summary, the project excellence initiative has produced the desired results. However, the process is evergreen as we strive for continuous improvement.


Kenny Haas

Danos General Manager of Project Management Kenny Haas joined Danos full-time in January 2017 as an automation project manager and a member of the Shell Maintenance Contract Proposal Preparation Team. Once the Shell contract was awarded, he lead the transition of four Shell assets. Kenny has an automation background and 38 years in the oil and gas industry. He is currently responsible for the construction, coatings, scaffolding, automation, and project manager service lines.


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