By: Mark Theriot

It is critical that Danos remains focused and continues to embrace technology and explore new ways to use it in the future. To continue on the path of our 2020 strategic initiative of Technology Solutions, Danos has put together a team to explore the use of different technologies that are both in proof of concept and already in use throughout the oil and gas industry. We are working with software company PTC on this journey.

Headquartered in Boston, PTC is a technology solution-providing company that helps industrial companies to create value for themselves through a combination of augmented reality, industrial Internet of things (IOT), product life-cycle management (PLM) and computer-aided designs.


Mark Theriot

Mark joined Danos in 2014 as a production specialist.  He has over 20+ years of oil and gas experience, serving the greater part of his career as a production operator and BSEE inspector.  As a production specialist, Mark served as a subject matter expert in BSEE regulation and specializes in inspection, hazard identification, offshore safety systems and field employee assessments. In his current role, Mark serves as competency assurance and training manager.


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