Quality Management System


By: Jack Roszelle

Are you familiar with Danos’ Quality Management System (QMS)? 

Do you know where the company’s QMS manual is located and how to access it?
Do you know that we currently have 38 quality procedures?

If you can answer all three questions above, you are a quality guru. If you can answer two of the three questions, you know something about quality. But if you can only answer one or none of the questions, “you don’t know Jack” about Danos’ QMS

We all know that one of our 2018 FOCUS initiatives is employee development and beginning on Monday, July 1, all staff new hires will be introduced to Danos’ QMS as part of their new hire orientation.

For existing Danos staff, you can access the QMS awareness training PowerPoint presentation through the link below.

If you have any questions or comments about our QMS, please contact Corporate Quality Director Jack Roszelle at jack.roszelle@danos.com.

QMS Awareness Training

Jack Roszelle

Jack began his career with Danos in 2015, overseeing quality control and quality assurance for the company. Prior to joining Danos, he served as vice president of quality for Dynamic Energy Services International, LLC, and area quality manager for the Americas region with McDermott Inc. Jack has a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction from Northeast Louisiana University and is an accredited certified welding inspector recognized by the American Welding Society. 


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