A Job Well Done on Shenzi


By: Matt Schexnayder

Danos team members were recently recognized by BHP upper management on a job well done while working on BHP’s Shenzi platform. The project began with a pre-job meeting involving Danos and BHP employees that covered inspection of tools, equipment, work area and job tasks. The crew then proceeded with the safe removal of a turbine motor using properly inspected rigging and chain falls. Every hazard mentioned in the JSEA was recognized resulting in no injuries or near misses.  

Pictured left to right - Luis Salamoca-Danos, Tim Nelson-BHP, Greg Fuller-BHP, Tommy Sandifer-BHP, Micheal Harberson-Danos, Oscar Cano-Danos, Chris Schultz-Danos, and Jason Harper-Danos.

Matt Schexnayder

Senior Account Manager Matt Schexnayder began his career at Danos in 2012 as a personnel coordinator. Shortly after coming onboard, he took an overseas assignment in West Africa to manage the account for Noble Energy. Upon relocating to Danos HQ in 2016, Matt was assigned to the Shell account. Matt has a master's degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in health & kinesiology with concentration sports management.


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