Raving Fans - JSM Turn-around


By: Josh Guidry

Incident free and ahead of schedule

The JSM operations team completed the JSM 2015 turn-around incident free and ahead of schedule. This team accomplished the safe shutdown and blow down of the facility ahead of schedule, assisted in the Exxon Flow line tie in to the facility, and several work fronts. This was accomplished due to thousands of work hours preparing and planning this work. This was by far the smoothest and most prepared turn-around executed in GOM and was recognized by GOM leadership as the poster children for how a turn-around should be executed.

Danos team involved in this successful job…Travis Boyd, John Berry, Josh Jaques, Gene Wray Simpkins, Clint Ward, Ronnie Melancon, Josh Powell, Clark Bergeron, Jacob Hudspeth, Chris Toups, Isaac Newman, Doug Champagne, Brian Richardson, Justin Walker, Arron Carter, Jeff Gallagher, Jonathan Aucoin, Curtis Cobble, Thomas McCowan, Frank Samson, Russel Marks, Chase Hebert, Moy Bougafa, Jacob Ayo, Ben Clark, and Darren Toups.

Team Recognized by B. Donatto | Chevron Operations Supervisor – Jack / St. Malo

Josh Guidry

Senior Account Manager Josh began his career with Danos as a roustabout/dispatcher at the Chevron heliport in 1997. He has since managed Production Personnel and Customer Accounts for over 15 years. He is currently overseeing the Chevron, LLOG, and W&T Accounts.


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