Ricky Britt Retires


By: The Pipeline

After 41 years serving the oil and gas industry, Ricky Britt will officially retire on Friday, Dec. 15.

Prior to joining Danos, Ricky completed a 35-year career with Chevron, retiring as the greater Gulf of Mexico technical services manager. Since joining Danos in 2011 as the Chevron executive account manager, Ricky has ensured Danos is best positioned for being successful in winning new projects and collaborating with appropriate leaders.

His impact on Danos is best told through the words of his colleagues…

John Bigler

I first met Ricky through our sons playing baseball together. Theresa and Ricky always had nothing but nice and encouraging words for parents and kids alike. Ricky is an all-around sincere guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

Just don't ask Ricky to drive. His sense of direction can be off from time to time.

Paul Danos

The first time I went to the CVX office with Ricky, I realized I would always have to plan an extra 30 minutes because of all the people in the building that would come up wanting to talk and hug him. It was clear he was well loved there. He is received this way everywhere he goes because he never misses an opportunity to share or give credit, is always praising those who do good work, and is one of the most positive people I know.

Ricky took customer service to a level never seen before at Danos when he became the real estate agent for a customer. After about 100 trips to look at houses with one of our good customers, I think Ricky may have gotten his hours and credentials to obtain his real estate license.

Reed Pere

Ricky is as kind and charitable as anyone I know. He is THE guy who would give the shirt off his back to the first person in need. He deserves a lot of credit for Danos’ success with LLOG, especially with the lead to hire Greg Evans!

Ricky is always complaining about one ailment or another. He said it is old football injuries, but I really think it's because he's just plain old…:-)

Thank you, Ricky, for your years of service to the company. We wish you the best in your retirement!

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