Rope Access Transition Demonstration


By: The Pipeline

On Tuesday, January 7, Danos presented a rope access transition demonstration for Shell representatives to view our new rope access service offering.

"Please let everyone there know how much we appreciated the efforts that went towards hosting us yesterday. The result of the demonstration was nothing short of exceptional. This was anticipated, of course, based on the caliber of your organization and what we’ve been accustomed to." - Shell Auditor

We would like to recognize Jose Mario Gutierrez, Elvin Batres, Jose Maldonado, Jose Nalazco and Anthony Gilmore for their contributions.

The following is a list of all personnel who attended the rope access demonstration:


Elvin Batres, Level 3 Superintendent 

Jose Maldonado, Level 3 Relief

Anthony Ruiz, Level 3

Michael Prochazka, Level 1

Lonnie Domangue, Level 1


Jose Nalazco, Level 3 Superintendent 

Anthony Gilmore, Level 3 Relief

Juan Morales, Level 2

Jose Mario Gutierrez, Level 3

Elvin Batres and Jose Nalazco

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