Rydel Frederick Generates Confidence


By: Bart Bergeron

While Power Generation/Electrical Service Tech Rydel Frederick was on location troubleshooting ignition issues on a gas generator package, he noticed that the pillar block bearing assembly was starting to fail. He immediately brought this to the attention of the person in charge, who notified the field foreman and production superintendent. The team took the unit out of service, ordered replacement parts and made repairs immediately to return the unit back to service.

This coarse of action not only saved the customer thousands of dollars in potential equipment damage, but it also prevented the possibility of anyone getting injured due to shrapnel from the line of fire that could have occurred if the equipment failed. The gas generator turns at 1200 rpm driving belts connected to the pillar block bearing, which drives the cooler fan, which is shived down to turn slightly faster than 1200 rpm. If the crew had not changed the pillar block bearing assembly prior to complete failure, the belts, fan and radiator could have been severely damaged. If anyone had been near the unit at the time of failure, he or she could have been injured by flying debris.

Thank you Rydel for seeing something and saying something! Also, big thanks to Arena Offshore for recognizing Rydel on this job and taking corrective actions and recommendations immediately.

Bart Bergeron

With nearly 30 years of experience in power generation and electrical services, Bart Bergeron serves as the operations manager of Danos' power generation and electrical/mechanical callout services in Broussard, La. Previously, he served as the department's manager. Bart served six years in the United States Navy Nuclear Power Division as an electrician's mate 2nd class, where he received his electrical and nuclear power generation education before starting his oil and gas career.


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