Safety Awareness at BP PMF


By: Mark King

Danos Traffic Safety Officer Christine Smith was recently recognized by Danos and BP-PMF campus leadership for her tremendous safety awareness in the areas of simultaneous operations, employee safety, truck driver safety, and public safety. Christine has made a tremendous impact in the area of safety for the PMF Campus and Logistics community. Several carriers have also credited Christine with helping identify areas of improvement and have implemented the processes that they have learned from Christine at their respective locations to increase their company’s safety awareness.

One great example of Christine’s attention to safety is when she identified a trend involving delivery drivers arriving with a variety of unsafe or at-risk issues. She had the courage to escalate her findings to leadership and continued to document and report her findings until leadership took a further look into the issue. The end resulted is that a more reliable carrier. She has gained the attention of several people inside and outside of her work group as well as BP-PMF leadership for setting the safety standard.

Mark King

As Senior Account Manager BP-GoM Operations, Mark manages all production workforce labor at all BP offshore and land locations.  Mark is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a BS in kinesiology.  He joined Danos in 2012.        


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