Scaffolding Crew Recognized


By: Andrew Rodrigue

Customer Jack St. Malo (JSM) of Chevron recently recognized Danos' scaffold crew for identifying a potential dropped object.

The scaffold crew discovered a pipe stop that had come loose from the pipe support. It was identified as a potential drop object and removed. The pipe stop measured two inches by four inches, weighing one pound and had the potential to fall 30 feet to the deck below.

Thanks to the scaffold crew working on JSM for displaying the high performance culture trait bias to action!

“Kudos to the crew for identifying the potential dropped object. The scaffold builders get to see the facility from a different perspective from those that are just walking around on the deck. I really appreciate it when they keep their eyes open to hazards like this and then take action when they find them.” - Greg Sinclair, operations support supervisor

Andrew Rodrigue

Andrew joined Danos in 2011 as a material coordinator and has served in a few capacities; safety specialist, safety project manager and construction project manager. He currently serves Danos as a project manager for the access division. Prior to returning to Danos in 2020, he served as operations manager and director of safety and has over 14 years of experience in the construction industry.


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