Shale Bracketology


By: Kevin Biringer

Beginning October 28, Danos production employees in the Permian, Eagle Ford and Marcellus shale plays will compete head-to-head in a safe driving competition, Shale Bracketology. Production groups with each customer will put their safe driving skills to the test as they compete head-to-head (2 weeks each round) to advance to the final round.

Each team member is key here, as the average driving statistics of the entire team will be used for scoring. Scoring will be based on:

  • GPS driving data (any speeding and severity, fast acceleration, hard stops)– 50%
  • Driving BBS submittals (WATCH cards, vehicle inspection reports, stop work authority) – 25%
  • Incidents (accidents, call from a bystander, etc.)– 25%

The customer team who wins the championship round will receive a catered barbecue with other raffled giveaways including YETI coolers, gift-cards and Danos swag! The top individual driver from each customer team over a two-week period will be entered into a raffle for prizes at the completion of the tournament.

For more information, contact your account manager. Best of luck to all teams!



Kevin Biringer

Kevin Biringer is the General Manager for Shale Production Services. He joined Danos full-time in 2014 after a summer internship with Danos in 2013. Prior to joining Danos, Kevin was a project engineer for the ExxonMobil Development Company.  



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