Shell Materials Management Terminals Celebrate 15 Years Incident-Free


By: Matt Kelso

With the completion of work on March 26 2019, Shell materials management terminals in Morgan City and Harvey celebrated 15 years of incident-free operations. During the 15 years, Danos has provided various roles within Materials Management that have supported all Shell assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

Joe Robichaux, former Danos Terminal Lead (18yrs) and now the Shell Terminal Lead for the Gulf of Mexico said, “During the 15 years, head count and work complexity have steadily increased which resulted in greater risk in the work environment. With the great foundation this team has, everyone was open to change and took a bias to action in making safety the focal point of this group. Each and every person has taken it as their personal responsibility to watch out for and coach our new employees, and 15 years would be impossible without great team work. Congratulations and looking forward to year 16!”

The Shell Terminals boast 18 Danos employees whose commitment to working in a safe family environment where everyone looks out for one another is a key to their success. As work activity continues to be robust, the accomplishment of over one million man-hours worked (and counting) incident-free makes this milestone much more special, and it shows our partners in safety at Shell that Danos is a name that they can trust.

Congratulations to the following team members for reaching this tremendous safety milestone: 

William Calix 
Matthew McElroy
Jason Grass
Miranda Griffin
Vanessa Gugliotta
Cody Galliano
Jarrad Triggs
Lane Marcel
Blace Watson
Charles Morton
Paul LaCoste III
Brock Danos
Michael Thibeaux
Rocky Angelette
Denise Dempsey
Gerald Bryant
Derek Atkins
Mark Sauce

Matt Kelso

Matt is a senior account manager in the Production Services Division. He came to work for Danos in 2013 as an operations assistant and was promoted to account manager in 2014. Matt graduated from Nicholls State University in 1998.


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