Significant Stop Work by Sergio


By: The Pipeline

Roustabout Sergio Flores recently used stop work authority when his team noticed a crew working for another third-party contractor digging out a deep ditch without using a life line and harness. When Sergio pulled over to voice his concerns, the crew members said they were just going to jump in and out really quick and thought that they didn’t need a life line and harness.

Sergio told them, “It only takes a second for something to go wrong. The ditch could possibly cave in or the line you are working on could have a weak point and blow out while you are digging. No one would be able to help or rescue you because of how deep you are in the ditch.“ In the end, they agreed they all needed to be more cautious and decided to wear the proper PPE before going back to work.

Sergio's bias to action shows that you can be a brother’s keeper for everyone at the work site regardless of the company they work for.

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