Six Project Wins In Six Weeks


By: The Pipeline

Automation services has been awarded 6 projects in 6 weeks in 4 states — Massachusetts, Kentucky, Alabama, and Louisiana — for first-time automation customer Kinder Morgan. The scope of work involves upgrading a turbine control system, replacing fire and gas detection monitors, and replacing two compressor control panels. Business Development Representative Eric Jarvis has been calling on Kinder Morgan for nearly 2 years and continues to be the driving force behind locking in these automation projects. Eric credits a lot of his success to the automation group’s support commitment to winning. Eric said, “It was not easy at first, but with the coordinated efforts between myself, Mike White, Chris Baudoin, Felix Dominique, and others, we were able to develop a successful strategy for Kinder Morgan and look forward to improving upon our success in 2019."

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