Stop Work Authority Through Adversity


By: Mike Allen


On Thursday, April 25, Lease Operators Ronald Shaffer and Shannon Tate were asked by customer operators to disassemble a two-inch dump line that could not be properly isolated, because it only had check valves inline. Knowing this was against Danos safety policies and procedures, they began making phone calls through the proper chain of command.


They were instructed by Competency Assurance Specialist Mike Allen to contact the production supervisor, inform him of their instructions and to get him onboard with their concern. The customer was happy with their reservations, understood the situation and sent out a supervisor to assess the situation.

It was determined that the line had two check valves upstream and could be isolated downstream. Not trusting the check valves, the pad was shut-in and the line was depressurized. After the line was broken loose, the supervisor found out quickly that the check valves did not seal at all as residual production brine water rushed through the line. If the pad flowing and gas production units dumping into the lines were active while performing the task, this situation could have been much worse. This is a great example of using stop work authority in the face of adversity. Great job team!

Mike Allen

Mike joined Danos in 2015 as a production operator and was promoted to production specialist shortly after. He has over 12 years of oil and gas experience. The larger part of his career has been working as a production operator and safety representative in the Appalachian region. Mike currently serves as a competency assurance specialist for Danos and is a subject matter expert for productions operations within his field.


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