Terrific Job by Roy Simmons


By: The Pipeline

When Hurricane Laura passed through the Gulf of Mexico and South Louisiana, most projects in the Gulf and on land were shut down due to the storm. Many teams had to be both diligent and flexible with the storm’s approach. Specifically, one crew working for Kinetica at the Patterson Terminal did a terrific job of ensuring both equipment and housekeeping were in order before demobilizing to ride out the storm.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Coatings Foreman Roy Simmons has been through a few of storms. He knew to park the equipment on high ground, tie down loose items that could be carried by wind and pick up any trash before demobilizing to ride out the storm.

When the crew returned to work, Roy knew animals may be displaced and/or seeking protection from the storm. The crew spotted a copperhead in the vicinity of the equipment and made sure to warn others to stay clear of the area. They were able to set up and return to work safely and effectively. Great job to Roy Simmons and his team!


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