Texas Overcomes Adversity During the Winter Storm


By: Gregory Short

Last week, Texas received record-breaking lows as well as unexpected amounts of snow, which is normally welcomed with opened arms; however, Texas wasn’t quite prepared for the aftermath of the winter storm. It left many of our Danos family without water and power for days, grocery stores were wiped out of common house-hold products and restaurants were closed, leaving many of us in a panic.

Despite all that mother nature delivered, our Texas team pulled together to ensure that our field employees were able to safely do their jobs while still being extremely conscientious of the weather conditions. Constant communication was maintained whether it be by email, phone call or text. “We will use smoke signals if we have to,” joked George Fuentes, Danos mechanic.

Management and staff held daily calls at the beginning of each day, which allowed everyone on the team to discuss current situations and struggles. We each offered lending hands to help one another. 

Employees staying at our Kenedy bunkhouse were checked on frequently as Kenedy lost power for several days, leaving our tenants without heat. A warm place to stay and water were both offered and provided if needed. Texas managers were asked to reach out to their employees every three hours confirming their safety and were asked to immediately use stop work authority (SWA) should they feel that they were not safe. Management and staff were on call 24-hours and asked to report any pertinent information to the team.

This winter storm certainly gave our team a challenge, but with our constant communication and proactive thinking, we were able to SAFELY overcome the many obstacles that SNOVID threw our way without any major incident and zero injuries.


Gregory Short

Gregory Short started at Danos in 2011 as an operations manager and is currently the Eagle Ford area manager for Danos. Gregory has over 21 years of experience in operations in the oil and gas industry, including offshore Gulf of Mexico (GOM) operations, Loop GOM operations, US land operations, marine and fleet operations.


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