The Fantastic Four LLOG OIMs


By: David Gravois

The offshore installation manager (OIM) is the most senior manager on an offshore platform. LLOG has entrusted Danos with all four OIM positions on their two platforms — Who Dat and Delta House. This is significant because most major oil companies employ their OIMs directly. Here is a little background on each of the OIMs...

Charles Breaux Jr. from Gueydan, Louisiana has been in the oil and gas industry for 24 years. He started out on the drilling side for Ensco as a roustabout for his first 2 years, then operated cranes for 9 years before swapping to production. He has been an OIM for 2 years and is currently the OIM on LLOG's MC-254 Delta House facility. As far as his impression of Danos, he was initially impressed with the fact that Danos is not afraid to mention God as being important. He has also been satisfied with the quick responses anytime something arises.

Dennis Michel from Buras, Louisiana has been in the oil and gas industry 22 years in May. He started out in wireline as a helper throughout the old Shell South Pass fields. He moved his way up through the industry working in wireline, construction, and operations industries. He has been in leadership roles before with other companies and has been OIM on LLOG’s MC-547 Who Dat facility for 2 years.

Coming from a big oil company, Danos was a breath of fresh air. Working with the many levels of support within the Danos leadership team has been great. They are all easy to talk to, all the way up to Mr. Hank. Case management, employee relations, training and developing people, and the genuine care and concern that the company has for employees is top of the line and unmatched. They really sold me with living up to their values. All of my support team, especially my Danos Account Manager Greg Evans, fully support all the needs of everyone in our account.

Danos really cares about their people. They are not a corporation reaching for unrealistic goals. They are a family-oriented service provider that makes the connections for good relationships in the industry. I really enjoy working for and am proud to be part of the Danos family.

Joe Keller from Patterson, Louisiana has been in the oil and gas industry for roughly 30 years. He started out as a portable well tester and has worked his way through the industry. He has been an OIM for 4 ½ years and is currently the OIM for LLOG on MC-254 Delta House. He has been completely satisfied with Danos.


Gene Lord from Newellton, Louisiana has been in the oil and gas industry for roughly 15 years. He started out as a roustabout with Rowan drilling and worked his way up through the industry. He has been an OIM for 3 years and is currently the OIM for LLOG on MC-547 Who Dat.

I swapped to Danos after working for their competition for 10 years. This was mostly due to Danos Account Manager Greg Evans, whom I consider a friend. All Danos management and support personnel I have interacted with have been friendly, helpful, and supportive. Danos works towards creating a safe and friendly environment and is willing to work with employees to help them out.

I have also noticed Danos monitors the industry, including their competition, and seems flexible and willing to adjust as needed to stay competitive at retaining employees and providing services to the oil and gas industry.

In my position, other contractors come to me from time to time with issues regarding their employer; payroll and training schedule conflicts being the most common. I cannot recall a single instance that a Danos contractor has come to me with an employer-related issue.

David Gravois

David joined Danos in 2012 and has been a member of the talent acquisition and human resources teams. In his current role as internal communication coordinator, David serves as Danos’ point of contact for all communication targeting staff and field employees. Prior to joining Danos, he worked as a university admissions counselor for 5 years. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Nicholls State University.


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