Titan Team Meets 2020 Challenges


By: Matthew Pere

With all the challenges faced in 2020, Danos’ customer Equinor recognized our operations team for their outstanding effort on the customer’s Titan asset.

The crew worked 81,658 hours without a recordable incident in 2020.

OIM Mark Fort sent the following:

“2020 was challenging for everyone, but our Danos personnel were ready for the challenge, with pre-hitch quarantines, COVID testing, additional PPE and social distancing all becoming part of ‘the norm’ for us. Our Danos personnel significantly helped us to continue to operate safe and healthy, allowing us to complete several large projects/milestones for Titan.”

The current operations crew consists of the following employees:

Clifton Bergeaux

Brandon Bourque

Jacob Coffman

Todd Dufrene

Evan Doucet

Seth Fontenot

Claiborne Gaines

Lucas Guillory

Clarence Jones

Dustin Koning

Aaron Lamb

Bobby LaMunyon

William Mace

Jacob Perez

Lawrence Sanders

Randall Thibodeaux

Kendrick Wilson

Kris Wooten

Congratulations, and great job to the Titan team!


Matthew Pere

Matthew started his career at Danos in 2011. Today he works as a Senior Account Manager in our production workforce division. Matthew is a graduate of Nicholls State University and holds a B.S. in management and a minor in marketing.


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