Tito's Hazard Hunt Challenge


By: John Able

At a recent morning safety meeting, Safety Specialist Gonzalo “Tito” Lujan challenged crews to inspect their tools and pull out any with damages or needing to be replaced.

Shortly after while visiting with the team at PLU 18, near Carlsbad, New Mexico, Tito learned the crew had accepted his challenge. They pulled several tools out of service, submitting WATCH cards with each. You can see photos of the tools below.

Thank you to Tito and the crew at PLU 18 for your commitment to safety!


John Able

John is safety manager of shale safety in Midland. Before joining Danos in 2013, he was a flight medic. He is a retired firefighter paramedic and loves spending lots of time with his family hauling his son to rodeos across Texas, and New Mexico.


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