Top-Five Driver, Three Times


By: Brandon Patterson

Centurion Pipeline in Midland, Texas, has recognized Danos Measurement Technician Jesse Greenfield at least 3 times as a top-5 driver for all of Centurion. His safe driving has also been praised during Centurion's South Region safety meetings. Jesse’s supervisor with Centurion, Ben Watkins, said, “This is exactly what we are looking for and the type of behavior we like to recognize.”

Jesse has been a leader in a very valuable, professional, and safety conscious manner since he joined Danos on July, 31 2017. Jesse is the type of employee that Danos prides itself in hiring and providing for our customers. We are very proud of and thank Jesse for his outstanding leadership, accomplishments and acknowledgments with Centurion Pipeline.

Brandon Patterson

Brandon joined Danos in June 2015 as a personnel coordinator in the Permian Basin. He was promoted to account manager in September 2016 and now manages accounts in Midland, Odessa, Andrews, and Big Lake, Texas.


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