Toss Your Pebble


By: Tara Morvant

During the January Town Hall gathering, Owner Mark Danos demonstrated the impact we have as individuals at Danos with a pebble and a mason jar exercise. He explained that we as employees have the power to create a ripple effect when we toss our pebbles, or ideas, into the pond, indicating that any employee can make a difference.

GL Supervisor Tu Le decided to seize the opportunity to toss her pebble. For Valentine's Day, Tu presented the idea of Valentine's Day cards as a Danos Foundation initiative to raise money and spread a little love. Employees were able to purchase a Valentine's Day card for $1 and include a personal message on the back to let their fellow employees know they are appreciated.

Thanks to Tu, The Danos Foundation raised over $135 to give back to our communities. We look forward to creating a greater ripple effect by expanding this initiative across the Danos organization.


Tara Morvant

Tara Morvant joined Danos in 2019 as the internal communications coordinator. In her role, she develops and executes multi-tiered communication strategies targeting staff and field employees in all domestic and international locations. Tara brings experience in communications and marketing, having previously worked in the gaming, healthcare and oil and gas industries.


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