New Training Portal Set to Roll Out


By: The Pipeline

Our new customized training portal will go live at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, February 1!

Although the training page will look different, the process to launch courses will remain the same. Additionally, all technical support questions or helpdesk tickets should be submitted in this portal.

More software features will be released throughout the year as we continue to improve the platform and assist you with your development.

The following steps will aid you in navigating the new training portal: 

To access you training: 

1. If you have training due, an orange box will appear at the top your Intranet home page. If training becomes past due, the box will turn red.

To begin your training courses, click on the box.


2. In the Training/Competency Due section, find the course you need to complete, and click "Take".


3. Click "Start" to begin your training course.


To Report an issue or ask a question 

1. Click the question mark at the bottom right to open the screen below to enter a service request.

2. Fill out the Summary, Description and provide screenshots if applicable relating your request and hit the send button.

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