Tu Le Is a Ready Resource


By: Rick Keen

Thank you to Danos GL Supervisor Tu Le for supporting the vehicle improvement team during a very tough document-control challenge. Danos Compliance Specialist Rick Keen had the following to say in showing appreciation to Tu:

"On behalf of the vehicle improvement team, I wish to thank Tu again for assisting us.

This week, the vehicle policy and the computer-based training online presentation both generated some good buzz. We feel Tu’s efforts, knowledge and professionalism in solving the document challenges greatly helped us to update the vehicle policy and deserves recognition.

Tu has been a valuable team member. I wish to thank her for being a ready resource and assisting in generating a flawless document that will be used for years to help our employees stay safe."

Rick Keen

Rick Keen has over 40 years of experience in safety and industrial hygiene, including the oil and gas, aircraft and missile manufacturing industries.
He joined Danos in 2003 and currently works as compliance specialist in the safety department. Rick is responsible for updating safety policies and procedures. He holds a degree in occupational health and safety and is an internationally registered Certified Safety Professional and Occupational Health & Safety Technologist. He and his wife Gale reside in Lafayette and have a family of two sons, a daughter and six grandchildren.


Nicole Williams || 24-Jul-2020 08:19 AM
Way to go Tu!

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