Twenty-Four Years Incident-Free


By: Thomas Rougeau

Fourchon Shorebase Maintenance Supervisor L.J. Falgout has given 24 years of incident-free service to Danos. On May 18, 1995, he started at Danos as a rigger and was quickly promoted to forklift operator with the ability to perform carpenter work as needed.

In 2001, he transitioned to Chevron Leeville shorebase as a foreman where he stayed for 13 years and was responsible for rigging, forklift operations and yard maintenance. L.J. was also a key contributor in shorebase hurricane evacuations and clean-ups.

In 2014, he moved to HOS Port where he was named maintenance foreman. In this position, he performs many tasks such as carpentry, equipment maintenance, plumbing, general repairs, forklift operation and supervising jobs. He is also one of four people selected to remain on HOS vessels during hurricane evacuations and/or be the first one back on the base and to begin damage assessment.

L.J. has been a valuable member of the Danos team for many years.He is a leader in shorebase operations and a great mentor for our young team members. His leadership will continue to carry HOS Port into the future. He will no doubt be a key part of the continued safe operations and growth of our young shorebase employees.

Thomas Rougeau

Thomas Rougeau began his career at the Chevron Venice Base in 1984 as a roustabout and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named field employee of the year in 2003. His current role at Danos is senior account manager. Thomas is also a charter captain who enjoys fishing the Delta.


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