Tyler Evans Exhibits High-Performance Culture


By: Issac Dantin

Danos Applications Developer Tyler Evans has exemplified several of our Danos high-performance culture traits, but the one that stands out to me the most is Bias to Action. Tyler discovered the efficiency gaps in safety and dove in headfirst to see our needs met.

Through his creation of the new Safety Portal, not only did Tyler deliver a fantastic product, but he is also always learning and tailoring its functions to drive efficiencies! Tyler’s efforts are as much of a part of safety as those in the field or those writing policies. He is actively making Danos a safer company!

Issac DantinIssac began his career at Danos in 1996 as a roustabout at the Leeville shorebase and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named Field Employee of the Year in 2007 and was later hired on by Chevron. He returned to Danos in 2010 and currently serves as safety director.


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