West Texas Volunteer Opportunities


By: Kathryne Lapeyrouse

With the growth of work and Danos’ new office in the Permian Basin, there are also a number of volunteer opportunities available to employees in West Texas. Danos WORKS is a program available to all employees and eligible non-profit organizations. Below is a list of some impressive organizations in the Midland, TX area. If you are an employee in the Permian Basin and you currently volunteer with an organization not listed below, please email kathryne.lapeyrouse@danos.com for more information on logging your hours and how you can also earn money for your non-profit.

3:11 Ministries is an organization that focuses on helping children and families within their community. They offer programs ranging from helping provide school supplies and uniforms to children to hosting a prom for girls otherwise financially unable to attend. They also provide Christmas gifts to children in need. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with 3:11 Ministries, visit their website.

United Way of Midland strives to keep their community healthy in all areas including physically, mentally and financially. They have volunteer opportunities including but not limited to working with disaster relief, soup kitchen, food distribution and youth. To get more information on how you can get involved with United Way of Midland, you can visit their website

Gifts of Hope is doing just that, offering among many things, HOPE. This organization works with cancer patients and their families to offer support mentally, emotionally, physically and financially through Hope House. At Hope House, they are always looking for volunteers to help maintain, clean, feed, greet and pray for patients in need. Read more about their program and volunteer opportunities on their website.

While all these organizations can benefit from monetary donations, please consider donating your time. Through Danos WORKS you can log your volunteer hours and not only award these non-profits with your physical efforts but also with a monetary donation from the Danos Foundation. If you’ve never logged hours, you can learn more and access our online volunteer portal.

To our Permian Basin employees, I challenge you to show us what you got! You can log your hours through our website, and you can share your volunteer stories by emailing them to whatsup@danos.com.


Kathryne Lapeyrouse

Kathryne, better known as Katie, joined Danos in 2018 as a part of the job cost team in project services. She has been involved in the oil & gas industry since 2000. Last year, Katie was asked to serve as chairperson of Danos WORKS. She is also a member of Junior Auxiliary of Houma and serves on the outreach team with Bethany Church.


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