COVID-19 Update: Impact of the Shelter-in-Place Order


By: The Pipeline

Danos corporate headquarters and satellite office locations are fully operational, maintaining business continuity by working onsite or remotely as needed. We remain open for business and are here to support you and our customers’ operations.

Monday, Louisiana’s governor issued a shelter-in-place order. You may be wondering what impact that may have on your interaction with the Danos offices. The good news is, Danos is considered an essential business and is exempt from the governor’s order because of the work done supporting the energy sector. We are working closely with customers to fully understand any changes or impacts to current work assignment status, realizing the need to adjust based on the ongoing fluidity of the situation.

Below is additional guidance to help provide clarity during these times.


  • If you have any questions regarding payroll, please email
  • To ensure paycheck funds are not delayed, timesheets must be submitted timely.
  • Managers are asked to verify all employee timesheets are submitted and approved promptly.

Employee Benefits:

  • If you have any questions regarding your benefits, please email
  • Danos’ benefit providers are looking for ways to help covered employees through this difficult time. The HR team will notify employees of additional services or modifications to available services as they are approved.

It’s easy to sign up for telemedicine! Go to, or download the BlueCare app for Android or iPhone. Create your account with a username and password, which you will use for each BlueCare visit. It’s great for those times when you need to see a doctor but can’t find the time, feeling too sick to leave the house or are traveling. The next time you need care, the doctor will be only a click away!

Work readiness:

  • If you have specific worksite-related questions, reach out to your Danos account, project or line manager.
  • Nothing is more important than your wellbeing. Be sure to follow the CDC recommendations so that you remain fit for duty and able to work and care for your family. Part of ensuring your wellbeing, as well as that of your family and work-family, is to respond when answering the screening requirements honestly.
    • If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, stay home, and contact your healthcare provider.
    • If you have traveled to or have been in contact with anyone who has gone to an area with widespread or ongoing community spread in the past 14 days, please notify Frances Kosak, Danos case manager at 985-219-3357.
    • If you work on a customer’s asset, you may have additional health monitoring and screening requirements. Your Danos account manager will inform you of the most current information for your work assignment.
  • Regarding travel to/from worksites: we do not expect barriers to traveling to worksites or transportation hubs (shorebases/heliports). The Governor’s shelter-in-place order does not restrict travel from parish to parish or even across state lines. In the event you are stopped by law enforcement while traveling to/from a worksite, your account manager will provide you with a letter stating that your business-related travel is in accordance with the governor’s directive.

We will continue to provide updates through various channels such as the Intranet, the Pipeline and through your operational contacts. Danos remains fully operational and is here to serve customers and support employees. You and your family’s well-being are important. Please be safe.


If you have not already done so, please take a few moments to complete a brief questionnaire to assist us in our efforts to keep our employees, customers and communities safe.


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