Worley Reaches 20 Years


By: Eric Hood

Danos Paint Foreman Clint Worley recently celebrated 20 years of working with Danos. Owner Hank Danos and Operations Manager Eric Hood were on hand to help him mark the occasion. 

"Clint is dependable, hardworking and an asset to Danos," says Eric. "I've worked with Clint for his 20 years of service with Danos. He has worn many hats during his tenure here… From welder’s helper to welder, fitter, foreman, superintendent and quality."

Clint began his career in 1996 as a welder's helper. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he didn’t want to be a helper for long. Within a year, he was determined to become a welder. After passing his first welding test, he was determined to pass every test.

According to Eric, Clint was one of the most versatile and dependable welders in the shop. He could weld structural and pipe: from carbon steel, to copper nickel, to stainless steel and aluminum. Soon, he moved into a quality role, and shortly after that, Clint moved in to a leadership role.

Congratulations, Clint, and thank you for 20 years of dedication to Danos! 


Pictured above: Clint (center) with Owner Hank Danos (left) and Operations Manager Eric Hood (right)

Eric Hood

Eric began his career with Danos as a welder's helper in 1996 and then a welder/fitter in 1997. In 2000 he was promoted to project coordinator and has worn many hats since that time. He is currently the fabrication operations manager.


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