Rope Access Crew Removes Riser Piping


By: Clay Carter

​A Rope Access Crew at Garden Banks 72 recently removed riser piping with the help of the Danos construction crew on tower. The Danos team worked closely together to cut the pipe into manageable sections to demo the piping from the platform.


SEC Employees of the Month


By: Matt Schexnayder

​Each month Danos' production services department recognizes the Safety Excellence Committee (SEC) employee of the month for outstanding safety catches in the field. For September and October, we recognized three people. Read More...

Safety Meeting Cookout


By: Darren Sooter

​On October 24 Danos team members gathered and cooked for about 40 people in Denver City, Texas, for the XTO Russell Fields monthly safety meeting. Permian Account Manager Aldo Chaves asked several people in his area to come and help make the lunch catering a success.


Eight Years IFO at Shell Unconventionals


By: The Pipeline

Congratulations to the team working with Shell Unconventionals in our Pennsylvania offices. They've worked for eight years without a recordable incident! Read More...

Battle of the Bowls


By: Tara Morvant

The Danos Foundation hosted a Battle of the Bowls Chili Cook-off at headquarters in Gray on Thursday, October 24. For a small donation to the Danos Foundation, employees were able to taste and judge our five competing chili recipes. Read More...

Assisting with Rope Access


By: Josh Gravois

​A Danos rope access crew recently wrapped up a project in coordination with our construction group for customer Third Coast Midstream. The rope access team assisted construction in isolating the flare system on MP-260 so that they could install a new pump and spool piping to help production on the asset. Read More...

Danos Automation Provides Automatic Reporting Solution


By: David LeBeouf

Did you know that Danos offers an innovative solution for automating facility reports? This universal application can extract control system data from your facility’s industrial network and repackage the data into a variety of reports. These reports are automatically generated and delivered, so the reports are always waiting for you in your inbox. Read More...

A Clean Place is a Safe Place


By: Bart Bergeron

Great job to Wayne "Blue" Bourgeois for the excellent job he has done at the Danos Broussard facility to clean the shop and yard. Blue led the charge to clean up around the office, keeping some of the middle office carpets from getting wet after rain. Prior to Blue's work, rainwater would seep up under the walls and soak into the floors. Read More...

Technology Solutions Update


By: Sonny Orgeron

Throughout 2019, the OTCM (opening the collective mind) initiative has introduced drone, 3D printing and virtual reality technologies to Danos employees via our HQ Tech Lab. The goal of the Tech Lab is to create a catalyst for employees to think about ways to leverage technology in the workplace. Through the Tech Lab, employees are exposed to technologies within our industry and have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience. We encourage all employees to take some Read More...

Winning Partnership


By: Matt Kelso

Danos project reconciler Dustin Dubois has been partnering with customer BP as Cargo Carrying Units (CCU) Coordinator. He has worked to minimize the CCUs BP had on hire during 2019. After 35 weeks of scouring locations along the coast of Louisiana, Dustin has assisted by taking 386 CCUs off hire, with a savings in excess of one million dollars Read More...