West Texas Volunteer Opportunities


By: Kathryne Lapeyrouse

​With the growth of work and Danos’ new office in the Permian Basin, there are also a number of volunteer opportunities available to employees in West Texas. Danos WORKS is a program available to all employees and eligible non-profit organizations. Read More...

Brandon Bourg Recognized by Shell


By: Matt Schexnayder

​Land Warehouseman Branon Bourg was recently recognized for his efforts on the implementation of S4HANA (Shell Pipeline’s new materials and financial systems). This is an incredible honor with Shell Pipeline, and Brandon’s efforts are likely providing Danos with additional work opportunities.


Danos Supports Bynam School


By: Paul Quintero

​In August, Danos participated as a hole sponsor in the West Texas Oilman’s “Tee Off For Bynum” Golf Tournament, benefiting Bynum School. Danos’ team also cooked for the tournament players as they came through the course. This provided an opportunity to interact with current and prospective customers. Read More...

Nothing But Respect and Professionalism at BHP


By: Josh Gravois

​The Danos team working for BHP shorebase received high praise from the customer for their performance. Jason Boura, shorebase supervisor for BHP GOM, said the crew made his job easy, and they showed, “nothing but respect and professionalism.” Read More...

Stanley Akwari Sets the Standard


By: John Able

Stanley Akwari was hired in December of 2019 as a rigger for a Danos construction site. Recognizing his background in safety, Construction Operations Manager Jim Comfort inquired about moving Stanley into the safety technician role for an XTO project in New Mexico. Stanley began working in the role as safety technician and almost immediately made the site his own. Over the past eight months, Stanley has developed a personal relationship with each employee on his job site and has made great strides with the safety environment. Read More...

2019 Employees of the Year


By: Nicole Williams

Due to the 2020 pandemic, Danos held the first virtual Employee of Year announcements. Our field employee was announced at a virtual leadership forum, and our staff employee was announced on a Teams live feed. Here are the results. Read More...

Leading Through Customer Service


By: Mark Theriot

​Without a doubt, we have all seen changes in the way we do things today. To name a few: we wear masks to go to the supermarket; we quarantine before we go to work; and we only wave to acknowledge a friend or coworker, rather than a handshake or a hug. But something that will never change at Danos is our Purpose and our Values. Read More...

Team Participates in Virtual Energy Camp for Teens


By: Samantha Magee

​Last month, several Danos team members participated the first ever virtual Shell Energy Venture Camp. Hosted through Fletcher Technical Community College, approximately 150 students in grades 7-12 participated in the three-day experience. Campers learned about careers in energy, different energy sources and how energy is used in homes and businesses.

Scott Lamb Mentors Others


By: Matthew Pere

​Aaron “Scott” Lamb, logistics clerk on Equinor Titan, was recently recognized for his efforts by Equinor Operations Manager Kyle Golson and Sr. Analyst of Supply Chain Maria Ireland. Read More...

Edgar Trevino Earns Certification


By: Clay Daugherty

I would like to recognize the dedication and initiative of Scaffold Builder Edgar Trevino. Edgar is one of our core crew members who currently works scaffold maintenance on Shell’s Auger asset. He has been with Danos for nearly three years. In order to assist Danos and to better serve our clients, Edgar took the initiative of acquiring the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) Level 1 Rope Access certification on his own. Read More...