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Mark Hill Celebrates Thirty Years with Danos


By: Bounty Fontenot

Danos Production Operator Mark Hill is celebrating 30 years with Danos. What is even more remarkable is that he has gone all that time without a lost-time accident. Mark began his oil and gas career running cranes on land at the Amoco dock. He had no desire to go offshore, but eventually, his account manager asked Mark to help him out by going offshore to run a friction crane at ST 130 for Chevron. Mark agreed to go for a week and ended up staying offshore at that location for 8 years. Read More...

A Look Back at the Danos Summer Internship Program


By: Stephen Donovan

At the beginning of the summer, Eric Danos asked the interns what we expected to get out of this internship experience. I said that I would like to learn how to work in a professional environment and what the day-to-day work process looks like. Throughout these eight weeks, I’ve learned that and more. Read More...

Checking In With The Interns - Part Two of Two


By: Stephen Donovan

Last week marks the halfway point for the Summer Internship Program. So we checked in on the interns and this is what they had to say. Read More...

Checking In With The Interns - Part One of Two


By: Stephen Donovan

This week marks the halfway point for the Summer Internship Program. So we checked in on the interns and this is what they had to say. Read More...

Welcome David Cedro, Our New Vice President of Finance


By: Eric Danos

David Cedro has joined Danos in the role of VP of Finance and as a member of our Executive Team. David lives in Metairie with his wife Jennifer and two of their four sons. The two sons currently not living at home have taken up residence in Baton Rouge while attending LSU. Read More...

Frank Davis — The Yo-Yo King


By: David Gravois

Danos Construction Superintendent Frank Davis’ fascination with yo-yos began as a child and continues to grow each day. Among his many toys, you’ll find plenty tops and jacks, but yo-yos are his passion. He currently has an expanding collection of 500-plus yo-yos and has no plans on slowing down. I sat down with Frank, surrounded by his many yo-yos, to learn a bit more about his collection. Read More...

Cody's Crown Coach


By: David Gravois

Project Engineer Cody Romero is a vehicle enthusiast who has recently added a 1977 Crown SuperCoach bus to his collection. He chose the Crown SuperCoach because he wanted a durable legacy with a backbone. Plans are in motion to convert this classic coach into a recreational vehicle that includes 4 bunk beds and a stainless steel kitchen with the capability to haul 5 all-terrain vehicles. Read More...

Technically Speaking


By: Mark Theriot

Many technical questions within the production industry go unasked daily, leaving our workplace somewhat vulnerable. Danos aims to solve this dilemma with a simple solution — gopro@danos.com. Read More...

Learning from Interning


By: Kathleen Rodrigue

Our interns have completed their time here at Danos. Before they left to go back to their studies, we asked them a few questions to get a feel for how their internship experience went. Read More...

Get to Know the Interns


By: David Gravois

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which one would you give up and why?
If your friends took a vote, you would be most likely to…
If you could bring back one television show, what would it be?