Brandon Bourg Recognized by Shell


By: Matt Schexnayder

​Land Warehouseman Branon Bourg was recently recognized for his efforts on the implementation of S4HANA (Shell Pipeline’s new materials and financial systems). This is an incredible honor with Shell Pipeline, and Brandon’s efforts are likely providing Danos with additional work opportunities.


Big Install at Big Foot


By: Nicole Williams

Earlier this summer, we shared a photo of Danos’ fabrication crew working on new deck extensions for Chevron’s Big Foot platform. The project is now complete, and the decks have been installed. Great work to the fabrication team! Read More...

INC-Free at Horn Mountain


By: Matthew Pere

​Great job to the Danos crew on Oxy’s Horn Mountain platform. On July 13 the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) did a platform inspection. They checked 249 components and found zero were in violation. Read More...

Measurement and Process Engineering Success


By: Mark Davis

After installing a newly commissioned natural gas liquids (NGL) pipeline system into service, a midstream NGL pipeline operator began experiencing large system volume movement imbalances. These imbalances resulted in significant, monthly-recurring financial losses. The customer enlisted Danos’ measurement engineering team to review the system’s measurement processes including equipment, procedures, data flow and volume accounting. Read More...

Coatings Wows with Corrosion Inspection


By: Kim Dang

Danos’ offshore coatings crew at Olympus has caught up on all atmospheric corrosion inspection (ACI) failures since becoming the maintenance contractor on Olympus. Read More...

Appomattox INC-Free Inspection


By: Isaac Henry

Congratulations to the Danos crew at Shell’s Appomattox platform for a recent INC-free inspection! The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) performed the inspection with 327 components. The Danos crew works side by side with Shell personnel to ensure efficient and safe operations. Read More...

Automation Delivers Customer Service at Delta House


By: James Callahan

​Great job to the automation crew consisting of Jarrod Brunet, Jarod Catalano, Justin Hughes and Randy Deslatte working for customer Murphy Oil at their Delta House platform in the Gulf of Mexico. They replaced a BGC Cooler, which included the work of existing tubing, cable and cable tray demolition, as well as new cable tray, power cable, control cable and tubing installation. Read More...

Jerry Hendricks Issues SWA


By: Eric Hood

​Great job to Yard Superintendent Jerry Hendricks who recently used stop work authority (SWA) at Danos’ Larose fabrication shop. During a pre-job inspection, Jerry noticed a latch was broken. These latches ensure that the sling does not come off the hook.

Cody Tetrick and Donovan Smith Go Above and Beyond


By: Derek Atkins

​Danos Warehousemen Cody Tetrick and Donovan Smith are integral members of the Shell wells material team and have shown that they go above and beyond what is asked of them. Cody and Donovan recently received recognition from the Shell vice president of deepwater wells during a Virtual Town Hall. Read More...

Nothing But Respect and Professionalism at BHP


By: Josh Gravois

​The Danos team working for BHP shorebase received high praise from the customer for their performance. Jason Boura, shorebase supervisor for BHP GOM, said the crew made his job easy, and they showed, “nothing but respect and professionalism.” Read More...