I&E Provides Service to Eni


By: Chris Baudoin

​Earlier this year, Eni Project Engineer Manuel Lopez expressed issues he was seeing with a hydraulic power unit (HPU) for a subsea well on MC365A. The HPU was malfunctioning, starting and stopping every five minutes. Read More...

Tyler Evans Exhibits High-Performance Culture


By: Issac Dantin

​Danos Applications Developer Tyler Evans has exemplified several of our Danos high-performance culture traits, but the one that stands out the most is Bias to Action. Tyler discovered the efficiency gaps in safety and dove in headfirst to see our needs met. Read More...

Danos Team Impresses at Olympus Energy


By: Mike Allen

In the late evening of June 10, a severe microburst* went through Elizabeth Township, PA, knocking a house off risers, bringing down power lines and trees and tossing debris all over roads close to the Apollo pad for Olympus Energy that Danos services. Read More...

Update: 2020 Strategic Initiatives


By: Eric Danos

We’re half-way through 2020. This is a great time to glance back at what we have accomplished through our Strategic Initiatives and look ahead at what’s next. One of the main themes for 2020 has been for us to be focused. We recognized the need to bring key initiatives through to completion without being distracted by adding too many new things. But we never envisioned how this year would create so many unexpected obstacles and distractions. Read More...

Michelle Valenzuela Saves Customer Money


By: Jay Bourgeois

Buyer Michelle Valenzuela is a recent addition to our Danos team but brings a lot of experience as a buyer in the Permian Basin area. Since day one of coming on board, she has worked diligently to add more vendors to our system and to get us more competitive pricing from vendors with whom we were already doing business. Read More...

The Secret Sauce


By: Nicole Williams

When Paul Danos interviewed me 11 years ago, he told me the company had three main goals: Honor God, make money and have fun. In the business world, those are words one rarely comes across, but my personal values, work ethic and Danos’ were a perfect match. At that moment, I knew I was on board. Read More...

Tito's Hazard Hunt Challenge


By: John Able

At a recent morning safety meeting, Safety Specialist Gonzalo “Tito” Lujan challenged crews to inspect their tools and pull out any with damages or needing to be replaced. Read More...

Barry Voisin Impresses Ankor


By: Bart Bergeron

During a routine customer service follow-up, Operations Manager Bart Bergeron called Ankor mechanic Dewayne Harris to see how his recently overhauled fire water pump was running. He said it was operating like new. He then continued saying how professional and dedicated Lead Mechanic Barry Voisin was in performing this task. Read More...

Developing Great People Series: Shawn Portier


By: The Pipeline

​Shawn Portier, a native of Bourg, Louisiana, made the most of his time in high school. Not content to just get his diploma and get out, Shawn saw an opportunity and seized it. He enrolled in a dual-education program, spending half a day in regular high school and half a day in a technical/trade school for electrical training. Read More...

Shell Safety Day at Danos


By: Clay Carter

The SS-332 Shell Pipeline construction crew took time before re-mobilizing this week to have Shell Safety Day hosted at Danos headquarters in Gray. The Shell project manager and Shell project engineer led safety discussions geared around this year’s theme of "human performance, failing safe and communication." Read More...