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Speaking Up On Loading Out


By: Mark King

BP PMF Leadership recently recognized Operations Floor Lead Mark Doiron and Material Handlers Brian Naquin and Quinton Bruce for speaking up when they observed several non-conformances on a load sent to the PMF for temporary storage. Read More...

High-Performance Champion


By: Rene Vidrine

Permian Production Operator Eric Estrada has been recognized by his peers and leaders for performing at a very high level. Read how Eric and his peers saved an operation from falling to a divestiture. Read More...

2018 Field Employee of the Year Nominations


By: The Pipeline

​Nominations for the 2018 Field Employee of the Year are now open. Dwain “Hog” Carrell was the first recipient of the Field Employee of the Year award in 2001. He was a construction project manager and embodied our values and high-performance traits during his 15 years at Danos. After his death in 2008, the Field Employee of the Year Award was renamed in his honor. The 2018 winner will be the 18th person chosen for this award. Read More...

INC Free Is the Way to Be


By: The Pipeline

Danos teams aboard three production facilities within the Gulf of Mexico were recognized by customers for ensuring their facilities had zero issues of non-compliance (INC) throughout recent BSEE inspections of a combined total of 800+ components. Read More...

Putting Customers First


By: Keli Dantin

Business Development Representative Allison Ward was recently a critical piece in helping a new customer get a MSA completed in a timely fashion and ensuring the customer received everything needed for their operation, including additional personnel. Read More...

Simple Callout Turns Into Substantial Revenue


By: Paul Pellegrin

In November of 2018, Danos Electrician Hunter Dagenhardt was called out to the Enterprise T-Bone facility to assist with some small commissioning and punch-list tasks. The customer was so impressed with Hunter’s outstanding work ethic, that they have kept him on board to work on various other projects over the last four months, generating over $150,000 in revenue. Read More...

Customer Service


By: Eugene Rodrigue

Danielle Neil has recently taken on the roll of operations rover at the BP PMF in Schriever, Louisiana. One of her first assigned tasks outside of her normal PMF duties was to assist with an inventory review for BP's Atlantis platform. Read More...

Learning and Growing


By: The Pipeline

This section highlights employees who continue to grow their knowledge base to improve themselves and help Danos meet the expectations of our customers. If you have an employee development achievement to share, please send a brief write-up of your accomplishment to whatsup@danos.com. Read More...

Stop Work Authority Challenge and Debate


By: Matt Kelso

Pat Gipson, FPSO Turritella mechanic technician, was working with a crew to change out a hydraulic accumulator on an operating pressure system. Once the accumulator was installed and the crew filled it with nitrogen to the correct pounds per square inch (approx. 3000 PSI), the crew noticed a leak on one of the oil-side fittings of the accumulator. Pat used stop work authority and explained that. Read More...

Protecting Danos Assets


By: Mark Theriot

Mike Allen, Marcellus production specialist, received a notification in the mail January 4, 2019, from the Township of Neville in Pennsylvania stating that there was a fine pending on a company vehicle belonging to Danos. This fine was originally issued two months prior in October 2018. The employee who received the fine is no longer employed with Danos, so Mike. Read More...