Ensuring Success On Mad Dog


By: Mark King

Offshore Logistics/HL Coordinator Chris Pitts has provided an incredible amount of support to ensure the ramp-up of personnel to support the Fabric Maintenance Flotel campaign BP’s Mad Dog platform goes as smoothly as possible. Here is what the customer had to say of his performance… Read More...

High Praise On Thunderhorse


By: Matt Kelso

Danos Offshore Logistics Coordinators John Knief and John Vance were recently part of a team that was highly praised by BP executives for safely delivering Npi13 for Thunder Horse. This is a new drilling performance record for BP, as it was the first well ever drilled in the first quartile safely and in compliance. John Vance and John Knief created a high-performance atmosphere and displayed operational excellence throughout the campaign. We are proud to have team members who fulfill our company values, purpose and vision daily. Read More...

Checking In With The Interns - Part Two of Two


By: Stephen Donovan

Last week marks the halfway point for the Summer Internship Program. So we checked in on the interns and this is what they had to say. Read More...

Checking In With The Interns - Part One of Two


By: Stephen Donovan

This week marks the halfway point for the Summer Internship Program. So we checked in on the interns and this is what they had to say. Read More...

Substantial Savings For Customer


By: Scott Theriot

Warehouseman ​Jason Grass recently saved Shell Perdido $250,000 by finding a specific choke within the Shell surplus inventory he manages with very little information to go on. The Shell team initially began a week-long search at the Shell Harvey terminal with no luck in finding the much-needed part. That is when they tapped into Jason's expertise for one final effort before ordering the part. Read More...

2017 Staff Employee of the Year


By: The Pipeline

Jamie Stoot-Robichaux started with Danos as a billing clerk 4 ½ years ago. As job cost lead, she played a major part in the creation, restructuring, and alignment of the job cost and accounts receivable staff to improve job cost functionality. Now, as a job cost supervisor, she plays an integral part in the implementation of AX and integration of accounting procedures. Read More...

Praise From BSEE


By: Bounty Fontenot

William Cormier was recently the alternate person in charge (PIC) on a simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) job for a customer in the ST 52 field when a BSEE representative arrived to conduct testing on an outline structure. William helped throughout the entire process. When the test was complete, the BSEE representative was so impressed. When the test was complete, the BSEE representative was so impressed. Read More...

Programmed For Success


By: Eric Hood

A few months ago, the fabrication group at the Amelia Integrated Services Complex needed to figure out some angles for a miter cut on a tank cap for one of our customers. Project Coordinator Ethan Allemand took it upon himself to learn a Lofting program he was unfamiliar with to put the specs together. Read More...

Above-Par Customer Service In Sub-Freezing Weather


By: James Collins

One of our customers recently let us know how much he appreciates the lease operators that Danos provides. Specifically Joel Dales, Jorge Ureste, Jeffery Cagle, Johnny Martinez, & Gilbert Hinostroza. The recent sub-freezing weather caused every kind of production problem imaginable. Each one of these guys stepped up and put in the extra effort and hours that contributed to saving Oxy several hundreds of barrels of production. Read More...

Combining Construction Crew Change Cuts Costs


By: Matt Schexnayder

Logistics Clerk Terry Palmer was recognized by Shell for his bias to action. Terry found a way to save money and improve efficiency through his coordination of personnel. Terry's idea was to combine multiple construction crew changes during Olympus' weekly operations. This allowed the client to drop an entire flight! Due to this one change, the asset will have significant cost-savings annually. Thank you Terry for having a customer-centric mentality. Read More...