Field employees, this one is for you!


By: Eric Danos

Click the video to view a special message to Danos field employees from Owner Eric Danos. Read More...

A Message from Owner Mark Danos


By: Mark Danos

​Have you seen these headlines?
Unprecedented, Coronavirus chaos, pandemic, crude oil plunges, sinking demand, crisis pricing, 18-year low, collapse of global oil production, U.S. drillers face doomsday scenario …

Have you seen our industry begin to respond?

Canceled projects, shut-in facilities, rate relief requests, workforce reductions …

March Town Hall with Paul Danos


By: Tara Morvant

The March Town Hall meeting was conducted a little differently this month. With most staff employees working from home, Owner Paul Danos did not present to a large gathering but rather asked everyone to tune in via phone call or live stream. Read More...

A Message from Owner Eric Danos


By: Eric Danos

​We are living through a time right now that is one of the most challenging in my recent memory. I take comfort today in knowing we have such a clear purpose. Purpose needs to shine strongly through no matter what environment we are facing. I also find strength in knowing that we have a team that is so committed to each other. There are many companies I know who cannot say with any certainty that they will be able to work through today’s challenges. We are blessed, even in a tough time, to have the strength of our organization and of each other to depend on. Read More...

A Message from Owner Paul Danos: Hope


By: Paul Danos

​Yesterday at Danos, we shared some information with our office staff about things we are doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis and the drop in oil prices. I read the note four or five times before it went out to ensure that all the important facts were included. However, it wasn’t until we hit send, and it showed up in my own inbox that I felt like there was something we missed. While the information was all quite factual and necessary, it lacked any perspective or reflections related to the hope we should have as we navigate the trials of today. Read More...

2019 Staff Employee of the Year Finalists


By: The Pipeline

A Message from Hank Danos
Congratulations to all who were nominated for Staff Employee of the Year 2019. The committee of former staff employee of the year winners met and was enthusiastic about the nominees and our process this year.

Congratulations to the following employees who were selected as finalists for Staff Employee of the Year:

A Message from Eric Danos


By: Eric Danos

Each year we select one person from our organization to be recognized as the Dwain “Hog” Carrell Field Employee of the Year. This award is the highest honor given to a field employee. Read More...

The Dwain "Hog" Carrell Field Employee of the Year Award


By: Tara Morvant

​Every year, Danos recognizes one field employee who lives our values and exhibits the Danos high performance culture traits by honoring them with the “Dwain ‘Hog’ Carrell” Field Employee of the Year award. But many may wonder “Who is Dwain ‘Hog’ Carrell?” or “Why is this prestigious award named in his honor?” Read More...

2020 Strategic Initiatives


By: Mark Danos

Every year as the fourth quarter approaches, our executive team takes a few days to spend some intentional time thinking and planning for the upcoming year. What do we need to be aware of? What do we need to change? Where is the industry going? What do we need to focus on? These are the sort of questions that we work through to define our annual strategic action plan and ultimately, our direction for the coming year. Read More...

January 2020 Town Hall with Mark Danos


By: Tara Morvant

At the January Town Hall meeting, Owner Mark Danos demonstrated the impact we each have as individuals at Danos with a pebbles and mason jar exercise.

He also spoke about topics ranging from the 2020 strategic action plans, the new iCan system and what we can expect with the new J.D. Edwards transition.