Town Hall with Paul Danos


By: The Pipeline

At the December Town Hall meeting, Owner Paul Danos spoke about many topics ranging from the year in review, strategic action plans and what to expect in 2020.

Show us how you Town Hall!

Employees from our Midland office gathered for a luncheon as they listened remotely to Town Hall.

Reflections on 2017


By: Mark Danos

With 2017 behind us and 2018 upon us, I want to take a minute to look back at a few things worth noting in 2017, our performance, and then forward to 2018, what we have to look forward to.

Let’s start with our performance in 2017 based on three key areas.

Town Hall with CEO Hank Danos


By: The Pipeline

CEO Hank Danos spoke about finishing strong in the 4th quarter, recognized the employees involved in our Hurricane Harvey Houston project, and a newly formed alliance with Petrofac, a worldwide service provider in the oil and gas production and processing industry. Read More...

Hurricane Harvey Update


By: The Pipeline

On Friday, September 1, Paul Danos held an impromptu Town Hall to inform employees on how our organization and employees have been impacted and the efforts being made to help. Read More...

Good Deed Remembered


By: Hank Danos

​Sometimes we are able to see the results of our acts of generosity and there are times only those who follow us may hear about them. We recently received a note about a nice gesture done by my brother, Al Danos, who served as our president and CEO for a number of years. Read More...

AISC Update


By: Eric Danos

Did you know that our Amelia facility is now called the Amelia Integrated Services Complex (the “AISC”)? This name better reflects our vision for the work we are doing there.

Reflections on 2016


By: Paul Danos

As tempting as it is to pass on the end of year reflection for 2016 (it was a particularly tough year in many respects), I am going to do it anyway…  And now that I have gathered my thoughts and collected some observations from your co-workers about the year, I am feeling glad that I didn’t skip this year.

I keep a work journal that I use for capturing events and lessons that I want to make sure I remember over the years.  The things I tend to write about are usually events I would have preferred not happen.  I write about these because I have found that the hard things are where the valuable lessons tend to come from.  They make us better, stronger, smarter, they build character, and they mature us (see James 1 and Romans 5 for what the bible says about that…).  But even if we know that to be true, we most often wish some of those things wouldn’t have happened…

2017 Strategic Priorities


By: Paul Danos

Every year at this time we are working hard to finish the development of our strategic plan for the next year.  While this used to be a year-by-year endeavor, the process is now stretched in both directions as we are trying to plan further out (1-3 year strategies), while simultaneously remaining flexible and adjusting the current plan more often due to the dramatic changes in our market. Read More...

PHMSA Report


By: The Pipeline

Recently the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued their final report on the Oct. 8, 2015 incident which took the lives of two Danos team members, as well as the lives of two other contractor employees. The report identified a combination of factors as the cause of the incident, and as we had expected, it does not assign fault to Danos.

While Danos is not found to be at fault in the report, that fact does not absolve us from our responsibility to reflect on that day and to continually review our safety processes, procedures and protocols to ensure an event like this never happens again.

Going forward, we will share the lessons learned from this event with our customers and with each of you at an annual “Never Forget” safety stand down. We are all guardians of each other’s health and safety and each of us is responsible for making sure every person working with Danos returns home safely to their families every time.
Mark Danos

Town Hall with Paul Danos


By: The Pipeline

This monthly meeting is a way for employees to hear directly from our executives on different subject matters like company news, industry trends, and the overall outlook of where the company is headed. Read More...