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By: Paul Danos

Purpose, Commitment, Satisfaction, and Success

I heard someone reference a study recently that said employee satisfaction is very closely linked to the level of employee commitment (greatercommitment = greater satisfaction). Seems to make sense to me and sounds like great news – employers want commitment and employees want satisfaction. Oh, and it gets better. I read another article online just now that said having committed employees leads to world-class customer satisfaction, which leads to revenue and profit growth. So all that needs to happen is every employee needs to fully commit to their job and everyone will be happy (employee, employer, and customer), right? I think all the underlying principles make sense, but the question is where does this cycle of success start?

For Danos, it starts with our purpose and vision. Our hope is that the why we exist (purpose) and the what we are trying to be (vision) are inspirational, compelling, attractive, and naturally creating commitment with our team members. We always knew that commitment to this vision would benefit everyone (employees, employers, customers)…employees would be developed, service would be better, customer would be happy, company would grow, employees would get promotions, etc., etc. What I didn’t appreciate until thinking about the study I referenced was the correlation to increased employee satisfaction that comes with that commitment. It’s like adding some additional fuel to the fire that is driving this cycle of success for everyone! It just makes sense – if you believe in what you’re doing, you will be more committed, do a better job, and everyone will be more successful.

So I have two requests of you here:

  1. Continue to get to know our purpose and vision and what your part is in helping the company live the purpose and accomplish the vision.
  2. Look for examples where we are being successful in that pursuit, and look for examples where we are falling short (and that happens). Convey that information to your supervisor and work that up the chain so we can build on successes and address shortcomings.

At the recent strategy retreat, a group of us did just that. We explored examples of successes and shortcomings around both the purpose and the vision. We left encouraged by the examples and challenged to address the shortcomings.

A few of the encouraging examples that came up were:

  • Shell asking us to solve a challenge for them in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. We did solve that challenge and many of our employees stepped up in a huge way to get it done.
  • The way the Danos Foundation is developing (employee led) along with the grassroots effort through Danos Cares to address real needs with Danos team members.
  • The partnership we are creating to address the need for an alternative model to provide late-life asset management for our customers (joint venture with Petrofac).
  • The training we are providing field leaders around safe work practices.
  • The consistent message from many of the recent prospective staff hires that say they want to join the team because of our stated purpose.

The Danos team is doing awesome! I am so proud of your commitment to our purpose and vision and the way our team is working. We aspire to raise the bar to another level because we know we can. But even the great way we are pursuing the purpose and vision now is only sustainable if we stay focused.

Thanks for your energy and effort to this end.

Paul Danos

Paul is an executive vice president and oversees the company’s strategic planning, business development, sales, and marketing efforts. He is a third-generation owner and serves on the Danos board of directors and is chairman of Danos’s Equatorial Guinea joint venture.


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