4WARD: Efficient Execution


By: Sonny Orgeron

Approximately half of 2017 has passed, yet we have many milestones to reach. The ERP Maturation and Project Controls Systems Improvement project teams have been working toward developing consolidated and integrated system solutions.


The project team is in the process of replacing the current time ticket system. The new tickets will take advantage of the latest internet technology standards while adding the additional functionality of capturing mileage, expenses, equipment and per diem. Collecting this data will allow information to be fed directly into the accounting system resulting in more accurate and timely information for our customers and a quicker turnaround time for invoicing. The more information Danos captures early on in the time collection process will result in increased efficiencies.

Advanced human resources

The Advanced Human Resources project team has worked with IT to streamline information associated with the employee life cycle experience. to maximize the automation of information flow between systems as well as establishing a new employee system of record. Once fully implemented, human resources will provide a greater level of customer service to employees and customers.

Real-time cost visibility

The S-curve is a popular project controls tool used to forecast and track cost. Utilizing the S-curve tool to analyze trends can quickly illustrate how a company is trending compared to budget. The curve gets the name from the ramp-up and ramp-down of spending at the beginning and end of projects, with the highest spend typically occurring during the middle – creating the S-shape of the spending curve. The real-time cost initiative, which is currently testing prototype reports, will enable Danos project managers to view weekly project spending, and provide financial updates to Danos customers such as the example below:

Financial controls

Every Monday Danos processes payroll tickets for over a thousand employees spanning from West Texas to offshore Gulf of Mexico to Pennsylvania and international. With changes to contracts, overtime rates and crew-changes, this process involves many moving parts to successfully get payroll entered and processed weekly. The financial controls initiative is creating weekly timesheet reports to ensure we are accurately invoicing our customers while taking full advantage of the contracts in place. The report is anticipated to save hours spent modifying and correcting tickets, as well as ensuring we are maximizing our billable time.

Sonny Orgeron

Sonny began his career at Danos as an information technology engineer in 1998. For the past 15 years, he has led the IT team in meeting daily challenges while planning for future needs. In 2007, Sonny earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Phoenix and in 2015 Sonny earned his EMBA from Nicholls State University. Sonny is the recipient of the Danos employee of the year award for 2007.


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