4WARD: Efficient Execution


By: Sonny Orgeron

Project Controls Systems Improvements

Real time cost visibility: Just like you can log in to your credit card online and see recent account activity and transactions, we are working towards making similar information available for Danos’ employees. Using AX capabilities, you will have access to log in and see recent charges against your project or job whether it is labor, equipment, vendor invoices, etc. This will improve our ability to manage projects and report timely financial information to our customers.

Financial controls: If you have ever managed an event with a budget (maybe a wedding?), you’d like to know who is charging to your event and how much they’re spending – Danos is no different. The financial controls initiative is intended to improve a budget owner’s ability to view and approve charges associated with their job or task. The automated system will make routing more efficient and help to reduce non-essential spending during a time when our customers are demanding reduced cost.

Both projects have completed the discovery and design phases and are working with IT and various other groups to seek approval to automate and roll-out the new features in the upcoming months.

ERP Maturation

Timekeeping: Have you ever worked on a home project and discovered you had several lists of items, tasks, and plans? Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your items organized to allow you to operate as efficiently as possible with little to no material and time loss? With the enhancements of time sheets, Danos aims to capture not only labor but other costs associated with employee activities such as equipment, per diem, and mileage. Capturing more costs associated with jobs will allow Danos to more efficiently manage cost on a per job basis. This initiative is a key component to real-time cost visibility.

Advanced HR: Over 1 year ago Danos implemented an ERP system to build a foundation in which to phase out legacy systems. Phase 1 continues to move forward as human resources, payroll, and information technology teams work to remove all dependencies to legacy accounting, HR and payroll systems. Team Danos continues to work towards streamlining the number of systems in use to maximize our base AX system.

API migration to AX was concluded with the completion of the first quarter financials of API. As with any migration the teams continue to work through minor issues.

Sonny Orgeron

Sonny leads the Danos IT team in meeting daily challenges while planning for future needs. He began his career at Danos as an information technology engineer in 1998. In 2007, Sonny earned a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Phoenix, and in 2015 he earned his EMBA from Nicholls State University. Sonny is the recipient of the Danos employee of the year award for 2007.




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