4WARD: Permian Pursuit


By: Jeremy Adkins

As the new general manager of U.S. land operations, I wake up some mornings here in my new “hometown” of Midland, Texas and can’t really grasp that I’m in a boom town with oil below $50 a barrel. The residents that have lived here their whole lives say it’s not all that different from when oil was $100 a barrel just a short few years ago. I tried to get my daughter a new pediatrician and the waiting list for visits is over eight months. I tried to get my wife’s dog (you read that right…it’s her dog…not mine) an appointment at the veterinarian and the very nice lady on the phone said, “We might possibly start to consider thinking about taking new patients in early 2018.” You can’t find a parking spot at the grocery store. Restaurants are packed all day. Buying a house was like what you see on one of those HGTV shows where there are multiple offers and realtors sometimes get into fist fights. Thankfully, I didn’t have to attempt to cut my own hair because one of my co-workers pulled some strings for me to get an appointment.

Now let me tell you about my awesome co-workers servicing our customers in all of our shale districts. In the past couple of months Danos has hired or promoted eight staff members. The growth shale oil is undergoing in the areas we work is allowing Danos to live our purpose of developing great people to solve big challenges for our customers. It’s such an honor, and quite frankly a lot of fun, to be a part of an aggressive growth initiative. Just based upon the numbers, Danos is on track to reach our goal of doubling in size in the next three years in our shale district business unit. We do, however, have more work to do in order to fully establish our construction and automation service lines in the shale district. The opportunities here in the Permian shale plays are just the place where Danos will be successful in accomplishing that feat. Given all of our recent bidding activity, the efforts of our sales team, and the entire Danos team’s passion for winning, I can tell you we are right on the brink of seizing our opportunity for those service lines. I’m hopeful that the next time you read an update in The Pipeline on our Permian Pursuit, we will be able to share some big wins for our company.

Part of our vision for the Permian Pursuit was to localize employee development opportunities. We lived that vision by recently having two Safety Focus events in Midland. The events had an amazing attendance rate and Danos was able to reach over 50 percent of our local workforce. Mr. Hank Danos was in attendance and he offered the following:

“There was a sense of team spirit and comradeship on display throughout the time I was there. The values of safety and respect were on display during our two days of meetings. I was able to have numerous conversations with our field folks who are a great group and key to our ongoing success.”

The Safety Focuses were also attended by some of our customers, including one of our top strategic customers for growth. The engagement ultimately led to this customer asking Danos to provide additional services that, in turn, may lead to Danos realizing another part of our Permian Pursuit vision of executing multiple lines of business.

We continue to see steady growth in our production services business offering in the Eagle Ford. One of the largest operators in the region continues to rely on Danos as their primary provider. There has been some major acreage ownership changes and mergers that recently happened in the Marcellus / Utica shale plays that should provide opportunity for Danos to expand our offerings in areas we haven’t serviced previously. The new and larger operators should begin looking for service providers who are committed to the area. Danos is obviously committed as evident by our investment in a larger and more strategically located facility in Martins Ferry, Ohio.

Again, opportunities and deals are being made every day in the shale districts. Danos is fully committed and laser focused on achieving our Permian Pursuit vision and replicating our success throughout other shale markets. I look forward to updating everyone on our activity. If you happen to find yourself out this way please stop by for a visit…cowboy hat and huge belt buckle not required.

Jeremy Adkins

Jeremy joined Danos in 2009 as the bidding and estimating manager. Since then, he has worked in project services as a project manager and operations manager. He then spent time working in the administration department as the employee development manager focusing on serving our purpose of developing great people. At the beginning of 2017, he was promoted to general manager of U.S. land operations and transferred to our Midland, Texas office. He is a certified Project Management Professional with undergraduate and graduate degrees from L.S.U....Geaux Tigers.


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