A Look Back at the Danos Summer Internship Program


By: Stephen Donovan

At the beginning of the summer, Eric Danos asked the interns what we expected to get out of this internship experience. I said that I would like to learn how to work in a professional environment and what the day-to-day work process looks like. Throughout these eight weeks, I’ve learned that and more.

On day two of my internship, I was given my marketing and communication intern plan of work outlining projects I would be working on during my time here which included organizing and renaming company photos spanning eight years, writing articles and taking photos for The Pipeline newsletter, writing and pitching a press release on the internship program and conducting a market research analysis report on 25 competitors and 20 customers of Danos.

The work was fun and challenging. Working with the marketing department was a very educational and enjoyable experience. Sharing a cubicle wall with my mentor Nicole Williams and working with the marketing team has been a blast this summer. Team Thursday meetings were spent learning about my fellow interns, what Danos stands for as a company and methods of improving myself professionally. Although this is my first internship, I have a feeling there won’t be another quite like this one.

Stephen Donovan

Stephen worked at Danos during the summer of 2018 as a marketing and communications intern in an effort to gain experience. He anticipates graduating from Nicholls State University in 2019 with a public relations degree.


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