Alex Papadelis Uses SWA


By: Eugene Rodrigue

Danos Warehouseman Alessandro (Alex) Papadelis is a new employee working on the BP Thunder Horse platform. During his first hitch, Alex noticed the night crew left a space heater plugged in and turned on. Knowing the hazards of this, Alex invoked his stop work authority (SWA) to have a conversation with the employee responsible and explain the dangers of leaving the heater on and unattended.

Great job, Alex! Thank you for taking the initiative to use SWA.

Learn more about space heater safety. Infographic provided by Nationwide.

Eugene Rodrigue

Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue is currently deepwater warehouse supervisor for BP. Since joining Danos in 2009, he has been an active leader and mentor to other employees, especially on matters of safety and inventory and warehouse processes.



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