Appomattox INC-Free Inspection


By: Isaac Henry

Congratulations to the Danos crew at Shell’s Appomattox platform for a recent INC-free inspection! The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) performed the inspection with 327 components. The Danos crew works side by side with Shell personnel to ensure efficient and safe operations.

Thank you to the Danos team members at Appomattox:

Jacob Allen

Hunter Bedsole

Zachary Billings

Frankie Brown

Derek Dailey

Eric French

Joshua Graves

Chase Hebert

Issac Henry

David Johnson

Jacob Lucas

Corey Matherne

Jimmie Matherne

Harry Morgan

Andrew Pilney

Dexter Prudhomme

Alex Stucker

Alex Triplett

Travis Vance

Joey Vela

Ben Viator

Trevor Williams

Richie Willis


Oil and Gas 101 - Issues of Noncompliance, also known as INCs, are violations of federal regulations that are observed by a BSEE inspector and issued to an operator. Each INC has a specific resulting action and requires a corrective action by the operator receiving the INC.


Isaac Henry

Isaac joined Danos in 2004. He is currently a deepwater operator on Shell's Appomattox platform in the Gulf of Mexico.


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