Austin Lemaire Invokes SWA


By: Troy Gisclair

Production Operator Austin Lemaire performed a stop work authority (SWA) while observing a coworker inspect a valve on the production manifold at Chevron Petronius VK786. The reason Austin preformed the SWA was due to the co-worker standing on a ladder that was laying on its side. Austin intervened by asking the co-worker to step off of the ladder, and place it upright. Austin’s bias to action may have prevented an incident, and it shows his commitment to Danos’ value of safety.

Thank you, Austin, for utilizing stop work authority!

Troy Gisclair

Troy Gisclair joined Danos in May 2019 as a senior account manager at Danos. He has 21 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, where he has worked as an HSE Director for a marine service company that provided liftboats to customers in the oil and gas industry, as well as the renewable energy industry through. He graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Science in business administration. 


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