Boom Boom Boom


By: Doug Kunkle

Each oil spill presents different challenges depending on the type of oil spilled, the location, weather, time of day, the manpower available and the equipment at hand. It is important to plan a practical strategy to protect sensitive resources utilizing the resources available and keeping safety in mind at all times. The effective and timely deployment of the oil spill boom can lessen both cleanup time and money.

Last week, the Environmental Services team participated in a boom deployment exercise to remain in compliance with Coast Guard requirements.

Participating from team Danos: Greg Lemulle, Kerry Guidry, Fred Azema, Doug Kunkle, Farrell Lafont, Jim Labit, Mark Simoneaux and Frances Kosak (photographer - not pictured)

Doug Kunkle

Doug Kunkle is the environmental division safety manager. He joined Danos in 2012 as the vessel safety lead for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Doug currently serves as a USCG Reservist at USCG station in New Orleans. He has a 14 years of total military service in which time he responded to Hurricane Katrina and the MC252 as well as several years of search and rescue and law enforcement assignments. Doug is also an active volunteer with the Louisiana ESGR. 


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