Breakfast at Bristow


By: Travis Williams

Bristow Account Manager Travis Williams and LLOG Senior Account Manager Greg Evans recently cooked breakfast for their employees during a couple of crew changes at Bristow Galliano Heliport.

They were accompanied by Production Safety Manager Wren Lemmon, Safety Specialist Toby Talbot, Recruiter Jason Lemoine, Talent Acquisition and Employee Development Manager Tommy Oliver, and Production Services Operations Manager Michael Guidry.

The crew served breakfast to over 150 individuals. Included in that number were employees, customers, pilots, and the following 28 Danos employees:

LLOG: Tailor Broussard, Brannon Boggs, Joe Boyte, Britt Conner, Allen Harrell, Billy Hebert, Daniel McElroy, Allen Sanders, Justin Petry, Paul Settliff, Dean Stout, and Maurice Thomas. 

Bristow: Heather Bankson, Cody Bruton, Josh Dupre, Markina Ellender, Catherine Folse, Karen Hall, Greg Kemp, Nicole Pellegrin, Yvonne Peterkin, Tuan Pham, Cierra Price, Kayla Schouest, Harry Walden, Patrick Ward, Bryce Verdin, and Desira Verdin

By doing such events at crew changes, we hope to build relationships with our existing employees by a show of appreciation and possibly convince someone working for the competition that Danos is a great place to work.

Travis Williams

Account Manager Travis Williams has over 12 years in customer service and sales experience in the oil and gas industry. He began his career with Danos as a material coordinator at the BP PMF in 2013 and currently oversees BHP, Cantium, Enven, Talos and Renaissance accounts.


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