Crane Crew Recognized by Customer


By: Mark King

I would like to recognize (Deepwater Rigger) Germarick Patterson, (Deepwater Crane Operator) Marquon Moore, (Rigger Foreman) Jason Mitchell and (Deepwater Rigger) Brandon Racca for their support of the crane crew’s operating discipline. All four were acting together as a team and reinforcing the culture of proper operating discipline.

In the last two hitches, Germarick identified two potential incidents:

He noticed an out of date bulk hose prior to it being loaded onto the boat. If it would have made it onto the boat, it would have been registered as an incident. He also noticed during his detailed inspection of a carbon pod that a TSE loop was still attached prior to lifting the pod out of the rack and onto the boat. If left attached and it had broken, the broken TSE loop would have caused an emergency shutdown of the facility. He called upon an operator to remove the loop properly.

The crane crew had also found a potential dropped object on a pod the same day as the TSE loop prior to moving it to the boat.

The crane crew was asked to deviate from a lifting plan during the boom cable change out. Instead, they contacted me, and we reassessed the situation and shut the job down until a new plan was established.


Customer Representative

Mark King

As Senior Account Manager BP-GoM Operations, Mark manages all production workforce labor at all BP offshore and land locations.  Mark is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a BS in kinesiology.  He joined Danos in 2012.        


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