Danos Automation Provides Automatic Reporting Solution


By: David LeBeouf

Did you know that Danos offers an innovative solution for automating facility reports? This universal application can extract control system data from a facility’s industrial network and repackage the data into a variety of reports. These reports are automatically generated and delivered, so the reports are always waiting for you in your inbox.

Report data is stored locally, and a backup is kept at an offsite location. If you are in a remote location, and you occasionally lose connectivity, the app will automatically save your data and send out once a connection is re-established. Facilities that have multiple locations can integrate all of their company reports into one super app which can compare performance between facilities. Some customers even port their transactional data into their ERP system which then automatically populates and sends out the invoice.

The solution eliminates data errors caused by manual data entry while eliminating lead times on production reports. Contact the Danos automation team to learn more.


David LeBeouf


With 14 years of system integration experience, David leads the Danos automation services team. He holds a degree in electronics and computer engineering technology and is certified by the International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians. David joined Danos in 2014 to expand the offering of system integration within automation services.



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